Best Car Rental Pikesville

Exploring Features of the Best Car Rental Service in Pikesville

Pikesville is a township in the Baltimore County, Maryland which gets both business visitors as well as tourists exploring various locations in and around Pikesville. Transportation is required by the visitors, whether for driving to and from business meetings or sightseeing tours. Thus, having access to a rented car whenever and wherever required to move about at will is highly convenient for the visitors.

OAJ Rent A Car offers the Best Car Rental Pikesville. The customers get access to a large number of cars at highly reasonable rates. The quality of the cars and the simple booking process are other hallmarks of this car rental company. Cars can be easily rented from this company, both in advance and even at the last minute after arrival in Pikesville.

What are Options of Cars Available on Rent?

OAJ Rent A Car has a highly diverse fleet of well maintained cars of multiple types such as family hatchbacks, sedans, jeeps and even SUVs. The car options include both conventional cars as well as luxury cars equipped with high-end features. As a result, the car pool fulfils the requirements of different customers with varied preferences.

Some examples of the cars offered on rent include Jeep Wrangler Convertible, Toyota Sienna, Chrysler Sebring, Hyundai Elantra, Honda Accord, Mazda 3, Jeep Rubicon, Mercedes Benz C300, Hyundai Sonata, Toyota Prius Hybrid and Nissan Altima. The list of cars displayed depends upon the specific rental period entered by the customer.

What are the Rental Rates?

The competitive rental offered by OAJ Rent A Car is a major reason why it is the Best Car Rental Pikesville. The rental rates, charged on a per day basis, start at just $70. In fact, this company offers the lowest rental rates in the market. The comfort level and quality of the cars more than exceed their rental rates. Even highly luxurious cars are available at the best possible rates.

The pricing is transparent with no hidden charges. The rental rate for each car is clearly mentioned along with other details. The customers are not required to pay anything except the applicable rent and a refundable security deposit.

How to Book the Cars?

OAJ Rent A Car provides a user-friendly online portal to book the cars. In order to browse the car list, the customer is simply required to access the website of this company and enter the pickup and drop off dates and times. The next step is selection of a particular car and paying the rental amount using credit/debit card.

The cars can also be booked by directly contacting OAJ Rent A Car through its phone number. The phone number is active 24/7.


OAJ Rent A Car enables its customers to get good quality cars swiftly and easily in Pikesville. The documents required to rent a car from this company are insurance proof and a valid driver’s license.

Why Choose Us?

Competitive and transparent pricing

Well-maintained and diverse fleet of vehicles

Friendly and professional customer service

Convenient online booking system