Car Rental From Airport Pikesville

Highlights of the Professional Car Rental Service in Pikesville

Relying on taxis and public transportation system in the township of Pikesville is not necessary at all for visitors since car rentals are available there. Having a car at your disposal allows you to explore various places of your choice in your own schedule. Enlisting the services of the best car rental company makes the process of renting car very smooth.

OAJ Rent A Car is a leading car rental company in Pikesville offering affordable and reliable car rental services. Regardless of whether the customers need Car Rental From Airport Pikesville or any other location, this company offers a large fleet of cars at competitive rates.

Extensive Options

OAJ Rent A Car has a diversity of cars to cater to the different requirements of the customers. The options consist of hatchbacks, sedans, jeeps, standard sized, full sized, compact and other kinds of cars. SUVs are also available for groups of people such as families. The car options encompass a plethora of brands such as Mercedes, Nissan, Kia, Toyota, Hyundai, Chevrolet and more.

In order to browse the car options, it is necessary to first input the pickup and drop dates. This is because by doing so only the cars available during that particular period are displayed. Complete details such as year/make/model along with the rental rate are provided for each and every car.

Round-the-clock Flexible Pickup and Drop

OAJ provides Car Rental From Airport Pikesville to enable its customers to get access to their rental cars on immediately stepping out of the airport terminal. A number of airports including Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport, Martin State Airport, Tipton Airport and Montgomery County Airpark Airport are covered under the airport pickup service.

The customers can also choose to have their cars delivered to their desired locations such as hotels. All one needs to do is provide the address to get the car delivered. At the end of the rental period, the car can be dropped at any location which is convenient for the customer.

24-hour pickup and drop off options are provided to the customers. This is very convenient for the customers. Thus, irrespective of whether the customer is arriving late at night or catching an early morning flight, the car can be picked up or dropped off at any hour without any trouble.

Roadside Assistance

Even though the cars are always maintained in pristine condition, the customers can encounter unforeseen roadside issues such as flat tyres or breakdowns. In such cases, OAJ Rent A Car provides quick assistance through its expert team available 24/7.


OAJ Rent A Car requires its customers to provide a valid driving license and proof of insurance. A security deposit of $200 is mandatory and is refunded to the customer after the rental car is returned.

Why Choose Us?

Competitive and transparent pricing

Well-maintained and diverse fleet of vehicles

Friendly and professional customer service

Convenient online booking system