Car Rental Pikesville, MD

Affordable and Easy Car Rentals in Pikesville MD

Pikesville is a township in the Baltimore County of Maryland which receives a steady stream of visitors all the year round for both business and sightseeing. Consequently, the demand for reliable transportation facilities is high. The best course of action to ensure proper transportation for the whole duration of stay in Pikesville is hiring a car on rent from a trusted car rental company.

OAJ Rent A Car is the best option for Car Rental Pikesville, MD. It is a premier car rental company offering a wide range of cars at affordable rental rates. The booking process is also very simple and smooth for the customers. Quick access to cars for rent regardless of whether the customer needs it urgently or months later is a defining feature of this company.

Large Pool of Cars

OAJ Rent A Car has an extensive pool of cars featuring multiple kinds of makes, models and brands. The customers can browse through the various options and make their selections as per their needs. There are compact cars for 2 passengers and intermediate and full-sized cars for 5 or more passengers. SUVs including standard SUVs and premium SUVs are also available for the customers.

The model name, year of manufacture, passenger capacity, type of gear, mileage and other details are clearly mentioned for each and every car. The cars are well maintained and always in their best conditions.

Reasonable Rates

OAJ Rent A Car offers Car Rental Pikesville, MD at the lowest rental rates in the market, starting at just $70 per day. The rates are wide ranging to cater to different budgets of the customers. Regardless of whether the customer opts for a standard sized car or a premium luxury car or SUV, the level of comfort and quality of the car more than justifies the rate.

The rental rates, charged on a per day basis, are clearly mentioned along with other details of the cars. The amount to be paid depends upon the specific rental rate of the car which determines the rent as per the duration of the rental period. The pricing is transparent with no hidden charges.

Hassle-free Booking Process

OAJ Rent A Car offers a customer-friendly online portal to book cars. The customer is required to enter the pickup and drop off dates and times to view the list of cars available during entered rental period. Credit/debit card payments are accepted to make the bookings. Even last minute rentals are available with just a few clicks.

The booking can also be made by simply calling up the company through its dedicated phone number. Cash payment can be made directly at the office during the working hours from 10 am to 8 pm.


Altogether, OAJ Rent A Car offers affordable and efficient car rental services. The customers are required to hold a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance to avail the rental services. Extra charge of $15 per day is imposed in the event of absence of insurance proof.

Why Choose Us?

Competitive and transparent pricing

Well-maintained and diverse fleet of vehicles

Friendly and professional customer service

Convenient online booking system